Why drink water?
  1. It's easy to get, it's the cheapest and it's almost always at hand.
  2. We don't have to go shopping for it, it's available at your tap (unless polluted).
  3. It really quenches your thirst in hydrates your body which makes you feel great. Tea, coffee and artifitial drinks only make you thirstier.
  4. Regular intake of water regulates the feeling of thirst in your body.
  5. Only a well hydrated body can provide maximum concentration and an optimal immune system.
  6. The body and mind fitness improves.
  7. It relieves the effects of stress which enables a better night sleep.
  8. It improves your looks and the condition of your skin.
  9. It has a positive effect on the your mouth and teeth.
  10. It has no calories.
Lack of water effects:
  • 1% dehydration unsignificant decrease in physical and mental functions, aggressiveness, chronical tiredness,
  • 5% dehydration first clinical signs,
  • 10% dehydration evident clinical signs,
  • 15% dehydration state of shock,
  • 20% dehydration death.
Comparative table of filters (Filter efficiency)
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Why drink water?
Our body needs at least two litres of water per day for normal functioning.
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