Simple use, maintenance and installation
Simply press the button to use the device.

Installation takes on average half an hour.

You can install your device:
- under the kitchen sink,
- on your kitchen counter,
- in the sink cupboard.

The device is constructed in such a way, that servisings can be easiliy carried out (just CLIC). It is set with light and sound signals to inform us of a due servising.

The devise can be in further use until your servicer has carried out:
- quality of operation check (always),
- pre-filter replacement (when needed),
- activated carbon filter replacement ( after 3000L of purified water ),
- cleaning of the osmosis filters system, tubes, high pressure pump (when needed),
- re-starting the device (always).

Technical data
    Water purifier   Water purifier with fridge
  360 mm   360 mm
  190 mm   350 mm
  450 mm   450 mm
  20 kg   28 kg
Comparative table of filters (Filter efficiency)
Did you know that not all filters are equally effective?
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Why drink water?
Our body needs at least two litres of water per day for normal functioning.
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Simple use, maintenance and installation
Our products are user-friendly and simple to maintain.
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Certificates, analyses and awards
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