Pure and healthy water

The quality of drinking water is measured by international quality standards.

These define the exact characteristics of water with regard to color, opacity, taste, smell, temperature, condactivity, quantity of chlorides, calcium, magnesium, aluminium, sulphates, dissolved oxygen etc. Drinking water should not be burdened with harmful substances (nitrates, ammonia compounds, fenols ...) and should be free of poisonous elemnts like arsenic, mercury, lead, cadmium and others. It is also very important that our drinking water should contain no bacteria.

The water in Slonenia differs as to the amount of dissolved magnesium and calcium. Very soft water contains less than 4 mg per litre of those substances, as opposed to hard water which may contain up to 10 mg.. When drops of hard water dry, they leave behind white circles of those sediments...

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Our body needs at least two litres of water per day for normal functioning.
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