Purifying water with WAS-V02

Inlet water is purified by means of:
• pre-filter ( sand, mud, sediments )
• activated carbon filter ( chlorine, poisons that bind with activated carbon )
• double osmosis filters ( heavy metals, pesticides, nitrates, asbestos, bacteria, viruses.. )

Water is purified when it is needed.. The high – pressure pump of the device provides 1,2 l/minute purified water at the press of the button.

Reverse osmosis filters rinse themselves. We get 0,6 l of purified water out of 1 l tap water through the special tap we enclose. The rest of the water goes down the drain along with the impurities. The life span of filters is 4 to up to 7 years at normal use and maintenance.

Electronic parts in the device  provide sound and light signals as to:
• the quality of water we use,
• use of filters,
• lack of water,
• water leak - the water flow stops.

Use of  WAS V02 purifier

very suitable for households, companies, schools, kindergartens, waiting rooms … 
To use for:
• drinking water
• juice
• home-made drinks
• powdered milk component
• lemonade
• vitamin drinks
• tea
• coffee
• soup
• pasta
• food preparation
• washing fruit
• washing vegetables
• baby care
• cosmetic purposes
• cold drinks...

In what way is it different from other purifiers?

• purifier WAS V02 is a Slovenian product
• it is a compact modern device
• electronic program for operation and quality of water control
• sound and light signals in case of any malfunction
• signals the need for replacement of filters
• reliable operation
• simple maintenance
• water temperature can be reguleted (+8°C)


• 24 month
• servicing provided

Let the WAS-V02 purifier filter your water instead of your body.
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Comparative table of filters (Filter efficiency)
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Our body needs at least two litres of water per day for normal functioning.
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